The Glory of Autumn

River in shadow, twisting through banks ablaze
With the russets and reds, ambers and apricots
Wealth of nature, invested in gold,
Dropping to earth.

Autumn light and low sun reflecting in water
A landscape of stillness and quiet moments before
Winter storms and cold freezing skies strip
The branches bare.

Creation in temperate lands at its
Most magical,
Most colourful,
Most glowing
In glory at its death.

Poem and photo copyright Englepip©

Daily Prompt: River


Photo of Cuckmere Haven

From hill to vale to sea

The water entrances me

Swift spring, deep pools

It runs from village to field

Then suddenly sluggish

It takes a weary turn

And meanders across the land

A silver snake,

Shy of meeting its bigger self.


Words and photo copyright Englepip©




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